Clooney and Amal expecting twins

When a celebrity makes it public that a baby is on the way, there is always a great deal of speculation. In the case of George Clooney, this is a very interesting piece of news considering that he has never had the opportunity of being a father despite being 55 years of age. There is a lot of debate whether he is going to be a good father, and whether this is something that was planned or not. As yet the news is that the Clooney baby is due to be born in June. However, since the pregnancy of his wife Amal has been confirmed, there is another hot piece of news!

Julie Chen from The Talk, has stated that apart from Beyonce, even Amal Clooney is reportedly pregnant with twins! This piece of news has not been confirmed personally by the Clooneys as yet, but it seems that what Julie Chen announced had been confirmed with George Clooney himself.
Whether it is true that Clooney and Amal are expecting twins has been practically confirmed by Matt Damon. Damon, who is George’s Clooney’s long-time co-star and friend, was interviewed by ET Canada, and he was evidently thrilled with the news, which Clooney himself had given him last fall when Amal was still 8 weeks pregnant. He said that Clooney had got lucky because Amal was a remarkable woman, and that their kids are going to be really lucky to have George and Amal as their parents. So most probably the Clooney Amal twins are indeed on the way!

Amal Clooney, who is 39 years old, has been showing her baby bump over the past few weeks. She appeared in very good spirits. It seems that the couple feel that they have hit the family jackpot, according to a source who was in touch with InTouch magazine. According to this same source Amal is going to have a boy and a girl. This last piece of news is obviously not confirmed to be the truth, but one can only hope!

Amal’s pregnancy and the news that she is expecting twins rather than only one baby was also reported by The Lebanon Daily Star a few weeks ago.
Since George and Amal met in September 2013, it seems that the romance flourished quite quickly. In fact they got engaged in less than a year and married on the 27th September 2014. George Clooney was renowned for being one of Hollywood’s bachelors, as he had even vowed that he would never get married again, or have children. But it seems that Amal has changed that opinion once and for all as they are going to start a family within the next few months. And since it is reportedly going to be twins, it is going to be more exciting indeed! Let us hope that everything goes well and we shall surely be waiting for more news with regards to Amal Clooney’s pregnancy, and in June, we will be looking forward for the birth of the Clooney twins!

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