George Clooney Amal Alamuddin expecting ?

Babies, just before they are delivered, the news of pregnancies are very big for any couple. But it gets bigger if the baby’s special. It gets more special if the baby is going to have father as George Clooney. Yes! That’s right just after being together for 2 years the Clooney’s are reportedly expecting their first child. And George is totally excited after listening to such news. But there have been questions rising in everyone’s mind as if the 55 year old is ready to become a father. We can assume our Lebanese Lawyer, Amal Alamuddin Clooney is definitely ready. She’s just 38 as we speak but our star even being older than her has not experienced being a father yet. This is a hot topic being discussed all over, and different opinions are kicking in.
According to the famous entertainment website Celeb Dirty Laundry “while Amal Alamuddin’s pregnancy might cause plenty of friction in their marriage, it also means that George Clooney has no way out of this situation, either.” Also there have been other rumours by the same website that she will try to make a career shift from a lawyer to a fashion designer. And we can believe that as well since she is totally over the moon after listening to the news, also knowing her obsession for clothes. These shifts taking place in both of their lives are giving us a chance to make different speculations for what is yet to come but whatever it is going to be, our best wishes are with the couple and the baby.


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