George Clooney’s successful getting a restraining order

Every woman would love to have a man that actually protects her and stays there when needed, one who keeps her away from all of the possible pains and hardships. George Clooney is that husband and a very responsible citizen as well. He has been granted a 5 year long restraining order this week that protects him and his gorgeous Lebanese wife Amal Amaluddin from a 55 year old veteran Mark Bibbee.

Now the next question that rises in our minds is who Mark Bibbee is? If we just have a look at the documents he happens to be a person admitted in the psychiatric ward at the Veterans Administration Hospital in California. Mark has been reportedly harassing the couple for the ample of time in fact he has sent a threat, comprised of 189 pages to actor’s team. And that’s not just it in those pages he also seems to be making threats and explaining the plots about putting references to other assassinations of George H.W. Bush, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, also the massive massacre of Orlando that took place in the recent days. Bibbee according to what he has to say seems like an interesting person. Reports suggest that he has been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and most probably schizophrenia. According to the refraining order the judge has asked the accused to stay away from the couple the breach of this order is going to make him pay a thousand bucks and even possible jail time. But for now it is all calm for the Clooney’s since they are off to their vacations.


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